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Drive your investment growth with our innovative Seamless Security solutions and leading-edge BSS/OSS platforms

We are a leading European cyber security provider which deals with blue-chip MNOs, ISPs, insurers and financial service providers. We also provide software platforms to suit the digital needs of rapidly expanding MVNOs.

Our seamlessly integrated cyber security solutions are available to the extensive end customer bases of our clients. With our white-label B2B2C approach, we put service providers in a position to generate significant additional revenue and differentiate themselves from the competition while reinforcing their own brand.

Invest in Security. Invest in Growth.


The number of unique mobile subscribers is predicted to reach 5.9 billion by 2025


The use of SIM cards worldwide is expected to expand to 13.2 billion by 2025

A considerable increase in the number of IoT connections is expected – leading to a surge in the number of potential entry points.

 Cyber-attacks on mobile devices will undoubtedly increase in volume and sophistication

The markets for mobile application-based (OnDevice Security) and network-based security (OnNet) are expected to undergo tremendous growth by 2023


Source: global leading market and strategy consultancy

We provide the required layer of mobile security by the implementing our network-integrated filter database and leveraging on the upselling approach of an endpoint-based security solution.

Our Key to Success

Human intelligence, Machine Learning and an efficient DNS approach makes the difference

  • Integrated proprietary security database
  • Device and OS independent
  • DNS Scalability without latency issues
  • Fully 5G ready
  • Easy roll-out and proven on the mass market
  • White label business model which allows clients to reinforce their own brand
  • Single sign on for end users

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