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As a European cybersecurity provider, we address one of the most important issues on our planet. We offer seamlessly integrated cybersecurity solutions that are white-labeled into our business partners’ infrastructure in a B2B2C model. We work with mobile and fixed-line internet providers, internet service providers, virtual mobile operators and financial service providers who pass on our solutions to their large number of end customers.

Human and artificial intelligence, machine learning and an efficient DNS approach give us the advantage over other providers. Our vision is to create technology solutions for people to take full advantage of the connected possibilities in this digital world. We are making the internet a safer place. The markets for mobile application-based (OnDevice Security) and network-based security (OnNet) are expected to undergo tremendous growth by 2030.

6.3 B

Predicted number of unique mobile subscribers by 2030

9.3 B

Predicted use of SIM cards worldwide by 2030

23.3 B

Predicted IoT connections 2025

Source: GSMA-The-Mobile-Exonomy-2022/2023

In a world where digital threats are constantly increasing and affect us all, cyan presents a unique symbiosis of over 15 years of experience and data-driven analysis. 

Thomas Kicker, CEO

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July 12, 2024

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May 23, 2024

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April 2, 2024

cyan AG today announced its preliminary 2023 figures and achieved 41% growth in recurring revenue in its core business Cybersecurity

April 2, 2024

cyan AG announces preliminary figures for the 2023 financial year, taking into account the discontinued BSS/OSS business in accordance with IFRS 5

March 7, 2024

cyan AG: Orange Spain is implementing cyan’s digital security solutions to offer online safety for its over 17,1 million mobile subscribers

February 16, 2024

cyan AG: Customer base for cybersecurity solutions significantly expanded and strategic course set

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